3 All new songs on the website!! The back story

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I know, it’s been ages! Sorry for lack of anything for a while but now i’m back. Some new material snuck on to the website recently and i thought i’d give a bit of info on how these songs came about and some insight into the inspiration and the recording process (which was a lot of fun!)

There are 3 new songs on my website and on Sound Cloud – ‘Always’, ‘Dance every day’ and ‘Invisible rhythm’. Here goes on a bit of a low down on each track:-



‘Always’ began life as a chord progression on the piano which wouldn’t go away until i did something with it! I used it as a convenient ‘loop’ to demonstrate Pro Tools to an interested friend. Before we knew it, it was turning into a ‘tune’ which found me singing the word ‘always’ repeatedly. Drums lifted the feel of the track from piano ballad to something more upbeat. We added guitars and mandolin to complement a positive lyric acknowledging the undeniable revelation of purpose, enlightenment and joy for any who get out of hiding. I’m happy with the overall result and trust i ‘always’ will be.


I never thought i’d do a dance trak but inspiration came from a most unlikely source. One of the kids at the project in India had been left to face a pretty awful existence as others believed she was beyond help. A brain condition had caused impaired speech, uncoordinated motor skills and a generally ‘closed’ outlook. She would rock back and forth, sleep alot and remain unengaged. However, when Morning Star project took her in and sought alternative opinions, one of the doctors suggested that music therapy could engage her cognitively with responsive movement resulting from repeated stimulation of rhythmic sounds. In short, he was recommending that she ‘dance every day’! It was therefore a joy last year to visit the project, meet the child, do some music with her and actually witness the desired outcomes first hand. She started making eye contact, clapping and lurching around with her own dance moves! After several days the staff were amazed to see her more active than she had ever been. Animated exercise was clearly improving her development in lots of ways and i’m really¬† looking forward to my return visit in April to try this song with her and all the other children there. So, the title of the song is basically a glorious prescription to lose every weight and chase troubling shadows by dancing every day – good advice for us generally, for me specifically and for dear little Sanaz – quite evidently! She will probably never know the fun we had finding a dance groove and putting together this ‘bangin’ tune’ to words that just seemed to flow out of a quite unique real life scenario. For myself, i just feel humbled and so privileged to have been able to document part of her story in song – enjoy!


This kind of continues the dance theme. It started off with two different musical ‘ideas’ which turned into a song when juxtaposed with some irrepressible Latin percussion and brass. Inspired by observing the seemingly boundless and uninhibited energy of children at play, ‘Invisible rhythm’ became an anthem celebrating the joys of innocent exuberance and freedom in life. On reflection, it might also be a metaphor describing the observable effects of an unseen spirit which longs to explode in every individual – irrespective of age! May we increasingly respond to that life giving spirit with the laughing abandonment of a child.


I couldn’t conclude this post without paying tribute to my bro’ Mark Fulton who has acted as recording engineer, erstwhile ‘producer’, foundational bass supremo and general mate who has patiently endured my artistic foibles to present some pretty decent mastering and sound mixes – all the more appreciated given the fact that he has not been in the best of health lately. Pray for his full recovery – not least because i’m really hoping we can work on some more material again before long (how selfish of me!) Watch this space as there’s plenty more to come….Phil.