It’s all new!

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New territory can be exciting or worrying, depending on your perspective! As we draw towards the end of another year, i find that new things are generally stimulating and necessary, rescuing me from the mediocre and the mundane. So, new ideas for new music and new songs providing material for new recordings are always exciting, even though they often cut right across predictable diary driven routines! There is never a “right time” to write a song – it will often present itself at inconvenient moments when i have little time to develop it. Hurried demos on my phone and scribbled lines in notebooks tend to get processed when i have more time (whenever that is!) However, there’s something special about an idea that just will not be denied or put off for another day but which demands that i engage with it while the inspiration is current. It’s precisely the pressure caused by that which somehow focuses the creative process in a way that doesn’t occur if i continually procrastinate. So, i love the new and the unpredictable, forcing me out of comfort zones into the unknown in pursuit of fresh expressions of creativity – taking it where it goes.

With that in mind i also experience new prospects at work, in faith & family. New people, new projects and new places to go prompting me to pray new prayers.

In 2018 there are new trips to India, America and France to look forward to. Also, my son and his wife have announced the news of a new birth so new life just keeps on coming!

Keep an eye on this blog for updates on more new stuff – it’s all new, Phil.