New guitar – new recordings… this space!

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Hi! I hope you all had a great summer. I think i did (holiday, new guitar, new writings, birthday…etc) although it seemed to pass too quickly and suddenly it’s Autumn. Can’t complain about that though as i really LOVE these Autumnal days. I’ve been filling notebooks with lots of new songs/poems so it’s been an inspirational time too. Check out the website under ‘my poetry’ for recent offerings – hoping to add to these soon. This week i start a new phase of recording with my mate Mark and i’m really looking forward to getting some new tracks available for you to listen to by Christmas.

SOUND CLOUD – Lots of my existing songs can be found on SOUND CLOUD – Just go to SOUND CLOUD and search for Phil Overton – there are interesting selections, playlists and compilations and you may find stuff you like there.

YOU TUBE – We recently got some ‘live’ clips of songs inspired by my India trips on to YOU TUBE. Have a look/listen when you get a moment. I would like to add to these some ‘demo’ songs – it could be a way of airing new material more quickly than having to wait for ‘proper’ recordings to get completed.

Did i mention my new guitar? It’s always a joy to purchase and familiarise yourself with a new instrument – hours of fun! Seriously, though, my piano and guitar are the means of facilitating creative output. Along with the recorder on my mobile ‘phone, they become an essential part of an inspirational process………..

More material is being added to the website so bless you as you browse and i’ll endeavour to keep on top of the updates. Have an awesome Autumn – Phil.